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Ohio Concealed Carry
Handgun "CCW" Classes
now being offered in Amanda, Ohio and the surrounding areas.
We offer both scheduled and private classes handgun classes for Ohio CCW. All students qualify onsite.  We provide you with the most complete training and we have constructed a classroom and a private range to accommodate your training.

Our Concealed Carry (CCW) Classes run 8 hours in length. They are one-stop classes with the classroom session including workbook, video and hands-on instruction.

Our CCW Classes in Fairfield County, Ohio are instructed in an effort to accommodate all experience levels. We offer a safe and secure facility for the classroom and for the outdoor range. All instruction and supervision are done under the direction of the instructor in Amanda, Ohio.
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CCW Classroom / Education:
6hr classroom / 2hr live range

Safety Laws, Safe Handling
Firearm / Shooting Fundamentals
Scenarios / Real-World Situations
Discussion Led / Not a Lecture
Tips / Techniques
Practical Application of Concealed Carry
Outdoor Shooting Range: 2 Hours
50 / 100 Round Familiarization
Practice Fundamentals
15 Feet. Silhouette Targets
Position / Ability / Safety
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- Not Included - Sheriff's Office Fee -
(may be additional charge for photo)
What to Bring
Your Pistol (unloaded)*
50 / 100 rounds of Ammunition*
No Reloads/Handloads permitted
Firearms available to loan out for class.
We ask though for reimbursement
on ammunition.
Valid Ohio I.D.
Eligible to Apply

Must be at least 21 yrs. old
Meet Background Requirements
classes in carry and conceal
Certified NRA instructors provide training in meeting concealed carry license
The vast majority of self-defense cases do not end in a shooting.  Criminals are looking for an easy target and just presenting the handgun often will scare the criminal away.

All of us hope and pray that we will never be forced into a position to have to defend our lives or the lives of a loved one.  When choosing to carry a firearm 100% of the time, I choose to live by the adage that it is "better to have one and not need it than to need one and not have it."  I refuse to allow myself or my family to be a victim.
2016 Concealed Carry (CCW) Classes - Ohio
January 9, 2016
January 16, 2016
January 23, 2016
March 5, 2016
March 12, 2016

Before you obtain a license to carry a concealed handgun, you will need proof of your competency certification (CCW). Competency can be established by providing one of the following:

A certificate of completion of a firearms safety course that was offered by or under the auspices of the National Rifle Association (NRA) containing certain minimum educational requirements; or

A certificate of completion of a class that was open to the public that used instructors approved by the NRA or Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission (OPOTC), or approved instructors of another state and was offered under the authority of a law enforcement agency of Ohio or another state, college, or firearms training school that meets the minimum educational requirements; or

A certificate of completion of a state (Ohio), county (Fairfield County), municipal (Amanda, Lancaster), or Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) peace officer training school that is approved by the executive director of OPOTC that complies with the law’s training requirements and meets the minimum educational requirements; or

A document that shows the applicant is an active or reserve member of the armed forces, or was honorably discharged within the past six years, or is a retired highway patrol trooper, or is a retired peace officer or federal law enforcement officer and who, through the position, acquired experience with handguns or other firearms that was equivalent to the minimum educational requirements; or

A certificate of completion of a class not otherwise described in this publication that was conducted by an instructor who was certified by an official or entity of Ohio, another state, the United States government, or the NRA that complies with the minimum educational requirements; or

An affidavit from a qualified instructor that attests to the applicant completion of a course that satisfied the minimum educational requirements.
I thoroughly enjoyed this day. I felt comfortable with no pressure. Mike's laid back, but serious style was the biggest reason I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you so much!
                                                                              Tom, Lancaster
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July 9, 2016
September 17, 2016
October 8, 2016
October 15, 2016
November 15, 2016
December 10, 2016
December 17, 2016
Certified NRA instructor - CCW Ohio Instructor
Mike Garrett
Top Ace Outfitters
CCW Ohio
Amanda, Ohio

• 30 years of outdoorsman experience in firearms and archery
Centershot Ministries leader and archery coach for 4 years
NRA Pistol Instructor since 2011
• Certified NRA Range Safety Officer
• Member of the Frontline Church of God
• Member of the Ross County Conservation League
March 19, 2016
April 2, 2016
April 9, 2016
May 14, 2016
May 21, 2016
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